Christmas Wishes

Tis the season to wish one another joy, love and peace. Felician Village residents share their Christmas wishes with you below!

"I wish for peace & joy."
Ardith Novak, The Court
  "May all children have one gift they want." 
Dorothy Hansen, The Court











"I wish for peace for all"
Janice Zipperer, The Court
  "Peace for the world"
Mary Zimmer, The Court


"A happy holiday & little gift for all."
Dorothy Kutz, The Court
  "Peace for all. Merry Christmas!"
Michael Petersen, The Court


"Safe way home for those
who are traveling."

Jean Krupka, The Court
  "For my family to be reunited &
love one another."

Alice B. Waldo, The Gardens


"Good traveling weather."
Harold Kimmel, The Gardens

"Be surrounded with good friends,
good health & lots of love for everyone."

Dorothy Bauer, The Gardens



"Health & happiness for all the
residents of Feliican Village. And an extra blessing for all the employees."

Grace Brandl, The Villa

  "Our wish is for everyone to have a happy & blessed Christmas."
Delores Brickner & Jerome Gores, The Villa


"We wish everyone peace from God."
Dorothy Prokop, St. Mary's and Joe Prokop
  "I can play tricks on people and
I'm looking forward to next Christmas."

Carol Koeser, St. Mary's


"My Christmas wish is to spend time
with my family & friends."

Anna Mae Marlborough, St. Mary's

"Everyone in my family stays
healthy & happy for many years."

Joe Samz, St. Mary's

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