Employee Christmas Wishes

"Our Christmas wish is for all our
residents and their families to
have a happy, healthy and
blessed holiday season."

Stephanie Madson, Social Worker
and Jenna Jaeger, Admissions
  "All I want for Christmas is you."
Amy Meyer, Quality of Life Specialist


"My wish is for world peace."
Brandon Rehme, Housekeeping
  "Our wish is to send love to
family, friends and you."
Dorothy, resident and Michael Thao, CNA


"We wish for all residents to
have a very Merry Christmas and for peace and happiness on earth!"

Jeanna Tesarik, CNA, Karisha Wynter, CNA and Amanda Reilly, Nurse
  "My Christmas wish is that my family will always know how much I love them."
Roselle Holschbach, Independent Living Manager


"Our Christmas wish is love and
happiness for all of our family
and friends."

Hannah Pitroski, Resident Assistant
and Jacob Mills, Culinary Services
  "Healthy family and friends."
Kayla Grapentine, CNA


"My wish is for my family
and friends to have
good health & happiness."

Kevin Krizek, Environmental
Services - Maintenance
  "My Christmas wish is to have a
safe and Merry Christmas for everyone."

Kristin Senglaub, CNA


"My Christmas wish is for my
surgery to go well."

Linda Tegelman, Resident Assistant
  "My Christmas wish is to be
together with all my family
this season."

Michael Peterik, Culinary Services
Lead Cook


"My Christmas wish is for
everybody's holiday to be
filled with music and laughter."

Michelle Meyer,
Next Step Manager
  "We wish health and happiness
to all residents, families and staff."

Cynthia Walton, Resident Assistant
and Tami Gomez, Resident Assistant


"We wish all at Felician Village and
everyone world-wide, peace, love
and good health."

Judy Wetenkemp, Volunteer/Gardens
resident and Theresa Griesbach, Volunteer/
Gardens resident

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