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A senior living center in Manitowoc County, WI

"I truly feel a sense of relief in knowing that Mom is 'safe' and assured that she is maximizing her abilities."

The Villa offers an encouraging assisted living atmosphere for those requiring extra care and has two households with room for 16 residents in each. The Lakeside household is designed for those with early to mid-stage dementia and includes a SNOEZELEN Sensory Room. With the only rooms of this kind in Manitowoc County, these rooms provide sensory stimulation and promote relaxation for those with dementia and their families. This room offers an alternative to increased medication and helps to improve attention and awareness, while decreasing aggression and anxiety. Residents at The Villa may also qualify for music therapy sessions through our partnership with Music Speaks, LLC. 

Employees working with residents who have dementia receive specific training to meet resident needs. At The Villa, you can enjoy security and support in a group home environment, as well as on site caregivers 24 hours a day. The Villa can meet changing needs in a safe and supportive atmosphere. A professional assessment by our assisted living registered nurse helps determine the level of care needed and then an individualized service plan is developed for each resident.

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Amenities & Services

In addition to the private room, the accommodation fee at The Villa includes the following services:

  • Spacious one bedroom with private bathroom
  • Dining room
  • Three meals a day
  • Snacks available throughout the day
  • Weekly housekeeping services
  • Weekly linen change
  • Scheduled activities
  • 24-hour a day, on-site nursing staff

The Villa is a Class C, non-ambulatory Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF) governed under DHS 83 regulations, which ensures that we provide the highest quality of care.

Campus-wide amenities

Assisted Living FAQs

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a residential living option for individuals who typically can no longer live independently. These state-regulated and monitored facilities provide or coordinate services to meet your individualized needs in ways that promote your independence and reflect your personal life. Assisted living facilities also coordinate services to meet your unscheduled needs as they arise.

What assisted living options are available at Felician Village?

The Court, a Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC), is a 48-apartment building with 24-hour care. Residents have their own apartment but need help with some activities of daily living or may need medication management/administration.

The Villa, a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF), also has 24-hour care and includes 32 rooms, 16 of which are in a secure household for residents with early- to mid-stage dementia. The other 16 rooms are for those with multiple medical conditions who generally need more help with activities of daily living.

How will I know which option I may need?

After you make the decision to live at Felician Village, the assisted living registered nurse will complete an assessment to determine which facility best meets your needs. During this assessment, we discuss what services you and your family would like provided. This information is then used to develop your individualized service plan.

How will my family be involved?

At The Court and The Villa, family support is highly encouraged. Families can visit when it is convenient for them and you. You and your family can be reassured that our caregivers will call your family if we see a sudden change in your condition or notice something out of the ordinary. Family members can accompany you to physician appointments, take you out shopping or for entertainment.

Would my loved one benefit from assisted living?

10 signs your loved one may benefit from assisted living:

1. Decreased attention to personal care
   • Un-brushed hair, dirty clothes/same clothes, body odor

2. Less care in housekeeping and yard work
    • Little interest in/spending less time keeping house and yard as well maintained as previously

3. Lack of concern about what used to be important
   • Lack of concern for something they valued and enjoyed - hobbies, grandchildren, church activities

4. Reduced mobility
   • Not moving around house, always in one chair; sleeping on chair or couch because it’s too difficult to go to bedroom; doesn’t go out because walking is difficult/painful

5. Falling
   • Moves from furniture to furniture to maintain balance; hides bruises/makes excuses for them

6. Decreased appetite or interest in food and cooking
   • Losing weight; Complains it takes too much effort to cook and says food doesn’t taste good

7. Lack of care or mistakes in medication or money management
   • Takes too many, too few, or forgets to take medication; pills found on floor
   • Reduced attention to finances; forgetting to or not wanting to spend time paying bills and keeping checking account up-to-date; buys things they don’t need or already have

8. Memory loss
   • Difference between forgetting where you left keys and finding them in five minutes compared to forgetting their address or who a grandchild is

9. Diminished communication skills
   • More than forgetting a word; difficulty communicating thoughts or wording questions correctly

10. Isolation
   • No longer visits family and friends; not calling people like they used to or returning messages • No desire/physically unable to leave the house

Please note: One or even several of these signs does not mean the person needs assisted living. Some changes in ability occur just because of age - including physical differences and changing interests. It depends on the impact of the change on the person’s life. If health or safety are affected, assisted living may be of benefit. If you have concerns about your loved one, contact us to schedule a tour and possible assessment. There is no charge or obligation to Felician Village and a physician referral is not needed.

The Villa Testimonials

"My family and I would like to thank everyone for the quality of care shown to our mother during her stay at The Villa. The care given by all was exemplary! The work each of you do is difficult and often unheralded. We are grateful and in debt for your service."

"We have been so impressed and comforted by the care, concern and sweetness show to mom (and other residents) from the time she moved in."

"The staff was so helpful to my sister and me. They would always bend over backwards for mom and our family, always trying to make things easier for us, and most importantly, trying so hard to make sure mom's days were as bright as possible."

"I truly feel a sense of relief in knowing that Mom is 'safe' and assured that she is maximizing her abilities."

"Dad loves the aids on his unit, they seem to appreciate his humor and good naturalness, despite his short term memory loss."

"Mom’s room and bathroom were always clean and well-organized, bed was made properly, laundry was done, and clothes were hanging in her closet.  On multiple days, I saw residents sitting in the common area watching TV and engaged in conversation. On my visits each day, I saw staff out and about or sitting in the dining area where I could interact with them when taking mom out and I encountered an activities person each day that I was there." 

"My mom needed to get up and ready early by 8:00am to attend a funeral.  When I arrived to pick her up, she was completely dressed and ready to go.  They had spent time responding to her needs about her clothing and all of her other needs were met.  They did so with a smile on their faces and the patience of saints.  We all appreciated their kind, helpful and friendly demeanor.  Job very well done!"

"Thank you to all the nurses and staff at the Villa. This has been a very hard time for all of us and you are making it better for mom and the family. We really do appreciate everything you are doing for mom. It is very hard looking in through the window and not being able to help her. Thank you for being there when we can't be. Keep up the great work. You are in our thoughts and prayers."

"Thank you so much for giving us the gift of still being available to 'visit' with our loved ones during this time."

"You are doing an excellent job keeping the residents healthy and happy. At a time when emotions and stress levels are at their highest, you need to know how very important your job is and what a difference you are making in the lives of the residents and their families."

"The staff is very pleasant, knowledgeable, loves being with the dementia residents, takes time to answer questions."

"I have been comforted by the excellent care you have given to my aunt over the years. Wonderful caregiving."

"My parents received the best care I can imagine."

"The staff always allowed mom to live as independent as she could. It was a perfect fit for her."

"Dad was treated with kindness and respect."

"My stepmom loves it at The Villa. She appreciates everything you do for her and says the staff is the best."

"Excellent day to day staff from administration to maintenance."

"The entire campus truly lives out the mission of the Felician Sisters. Its culture and environment continually values the worth of each individual."

"We are lucky to have a facility like yours, filled with such good hearted, helpful, diligent staff who are always showing such kindness to the residents, while understanding how important their efforts are, and the seriousness of the jobs they do."


Choosing the right senior living facility is important and cost is certainly a key consideration.  However, because there are many items that factor into the final monthly cost, we would like to speak directly to you to explain all those items and choices.  At Felician Village there are no “move-in” or “buy-in” fees for new residents.

For cost information please contact:

Independent Living (The Gardens)
Roselle Jacobi, or 920-684-7171 ext. 409

Assisted Living (The Court and The Villa)
Jeremy Denor, or 920-684-7171 ext. 411

Nursing Home (St. Mary’s) and Next Step (Rehab)
Megan Bruckschen, or 920-684-7171 ext. 329


Looking for a vibrant senior living community in Manitowoc that's been voted Best of the Lakeshore 13 years in a row? Now's the time to make Felician Village YOUR home!

We currently have limited openings at St. Mary's Nursing Home.  St. Mary's is a skilled nursing facility and features a high staff-resident ratio to care for people needing more complex clinical care. We are unique in that ALL our staff are trained in dementia care.

The Gardens (independent senior living) is currently taking names for a waiting list.

We are also taking names for a waiting list at The Court (assisted living apartments) and The Villa (assisted living group home). Plan for the future now!

Contact us now for your own personalized tour of the Felician Village campus and discover all we have to offer!  For more information call Megan Bruckschen, Director of Marketing, at 920-684-7171 or email.

Jeremy Denor
Jeremy Denor Director of Assisted Living (920) 684-7171, ext. 411 Email Jeremy
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