Felician Village at Home

How you want to live matters! 

Felician Village at Home is a unique membership program designed to support the health and well-being of people living in their own home or apartment as they age.  The program helps older adults continue to thrive through involvement, interactions and learning. Medical services are not provided through this program. For only a small fee each month, members are eligible to receive a variety of services, social and educational opportunities as well as discounts from area businesses.  In addition, members not only use our services, but they support one another through volunteerism, rather than relying entirely on support from us. 

Felician Village at Home Member Benefits

  • Access to Pre-Screened Service Providers - A list of vetted providers offering services for you and your home. Some offer discounts to our members.
  • Special Discounts – Discounts offered at various businesses in Manitowoc County.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Opportunities to help Felician Village at Home Members or on the Felician Village Campus. Neighbors helping neighbors!
  • Social Events – Member groups, outings, gatherings and more!
  • Educational Events – Monthly events on a variety of topics with member interests in mind.
  • Felician Village on the Go – Get a ride where you need or want to go.
  • Quarterly Newsletter – Packed with great information and delivered right to your email inbox.
  • Notary Service – Coordinate with Felician Village at Home to get whatever you need notarized.
  • Information & Referrals – We’ll help you find agencies to serve your needs.
  • Volunteer Services – Access to volunteer services such as light yardwork, minor home maintenance, basic technology, friendly visits and more!
  • Felician at Home Perks - Mattress flipping, shredding, holiday card writing and more!
  • I AM Fine Reassurance Program- Easy automated phone call to let us know you’re up and at ‘em.
  • House Checks – We’ll look in on your house and water plants while you’re away.
  • Medication Reviews – Reviews from an experienced local, pharmacist.

Membership Pricing

Basic Membership:            Felician Village at Home                                           

Single - $16/month
Household - $21/month                                         

Full Membership:

Single - $21/month
Household - $26/month

Discounted annual memberships also available!

Felician Village at Home Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you join Felician Village at Home?

  • To help you live as independently as possible as you grow older
  • To enjoy new connections, friendships, activities and learning
  • For reliable volunteer assistance when you need it. You also have the opportunity to share your knowledge and talents with other members, and know they will be there to support you when you need help.
  • Peace of mind for both you and your family.

What are some things not included with my Felician Village at Home membership?

Anything that involves personal or medical care, such as bathing, dressing or feeding, or giving medications. Anything requiring a fiduciary relationship, such as writing checks. Anything that is a major home repair that would require a license, permit, etc. Anything that would require emergency services.

Can anyone be a member?

Membership is open to anyone living independently in their own homes or apartments in Manitowoc County, age 50 and over.

I am in great health and middle-aged. Why should I join?

We believe that chronological age is a just a number and welcome the personal growth that comes from multi-generational interactions and connections. Not all members need the same types or amount of services, but members, and their families, can have peace of mind knowing they have a trusted source to turn to for information and assistance whenever they need it. Being connected through social activities is a benefit all members can enjoy. All members have access to our referral network of discounted service providers. Felician Village at Home members are encouraged to volunteer, sharing their talents and passions with other members. By becoming an active member of Felician Village at Home today, you will have in place a trusted, familiar community that you can rely on to help you deal with an unexpected change in life.

May I purchase a gift membership for someone else?

Absolutely! Gift memberships are available and are a thoughtful way to show someone you love that you deeply care about their well-being.

Membership is all about choice, and as members of Felician Village at Home, the recipient of your gift may take advantage of as many membership benefits as they choose. A membership also provides peace of mind - for you and for them. 

Does Felician Village at Home provide in-home nursing care?

Felician Village at Home does not provide nursing care but can refer members to our prescreened home healthcare service providers.

Is there a contract required for membership?

No, we do not require a contract to become a member. There are pricing discounts available when paying annually. We do require a 30-day cancellation notification if your living circumstances change and/or you choose to end your membership.

I have children and grandchildren that live nearby. Why should I join?

It is fantastic to hear that older adults in our area are receiving support from their friends and family. Felician Village at Home offers another layer of assistance when you need it. This will allow you to spend time with your family and friends enjoying life rather than running errands or making to-do lists. Felician Village at Home also offers social opportunities with other members who may be working through similar life circumstances as you.

Felician Village on the Go

We are excited to implement another innovative program to engage older adults in our community. Felician Village on the Go is part of the Felician Village at Home membership program.  Felician Village on the Go

Felician Village on the Go offers rides to Felician Village at Home members and ambulatory independent and assisted living residents. Rides are available seven days a week, with early morning and evening hours, depending on driver availability. Call today to schedule your ride!

This transportation option is made possible through a generous grant by Felician Services Inc. 


Pricing reflects rides within the City of Manitowoc/Two Rivers

$4.00/ one way
Felician Village at Home Members

$6.00/ one way
Residents who are non-Felician Village at Home Members

Rides outside cities available – call for prices.

To schedule a ride:

Call Paula Wagner, Transportation Coordinator, at (920) 684-7171, ext. 351.


"Felician Village provides joyful and engaging home visits from a volunteer, which are a highlight of my Dad's schedule. Uniquely, these weekly conversations are highly stimulating for Dad (even though Dad is home bound, his intelligence and wit are excellent), which in turn offer connections to the community and fast-changing events that he is curious about outside his front door. Dad happily anticipates Felician Village home visits, giving structure to and confidence in his days." 

"As a caregiver, I also appreciate that Felician Village is a valuable resource for navigating sometimes complicated and confusing landscape of care and support options. The staff overall has proven to be wise counsel on several occasions, proving their professionalism and true commitment to quality and compassionate service."

"This program has been an absolute blessing for both my mother, as well as myself ( reside out of town in New Jersey) and my family, to make sure she has the support to continue to live as independently as possible as she ages."

"We love the newsletter packed with engaging, helpful information!"

"Mom mainly uses the Felician Village on the Go program that has been absolutely instrumental to helping her maintain her independence to get to appointments and activities she enjoys."

"Being a daughter who lives out of state can be quite a worrying situation at times.  Felician At Home has provided peace of mind to me knowing that they genuinely care about mom and at all times, keep her best interests, health and welfare at heart."



Become a Felician Village at Home Member Today!

Questions? Contact Lauren Daun, Felician Village at Home Supervisor, email or 920-684-7171 ext. 425.

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