Mission, Vision, Values


To continue the healing ministry of Jesus by providing compassionate care that respects the dignity of each person we serve.


Our vision is to lead the community in offering seniors personalized services that are life-enriching and wellness focused.


In our ministry, we strive to live the values of:

  • RESPECT FOR HUMAN DIGNITY. Believing each person is made in God’s image and likeness, we treat everyone with the highest dignity and respect, regardless of status or position.
  • COMPASSION. In imitation of Jesus, we devote attentive and supportive personal presence to the needs of body, mind and spirit among all those on our campus.
  • TRANSFORMATION. Following the Holy Spirit, we encourage open minds, hearts and discussion in fostering new ideas for continual growth and flourishing.
  • SOLIDARITY WITH PEOPLE IN NEED. Sensitive to need, we provide resources and services for the underserved, especially the financially disadvantaged.
  • JUSTICE AND PEACE. Inspired by the example of our Foundress, we ensure fairness and equity between individuals and groups for the promotion of a peaceful community life.
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