Day to Honor Farmers

October 12 was National Farmers’ Day. According to the US Department of Agriculture, there are an estimated 3.2M farmers in the United States and almost 65,000 in WI. Felician Village is home to two of those very special men.

Norbert Pritzl and Harold Kimmel each had farms in the country, in the Cato/Whitelaw area and Manitowoc Rapids, respectively. Norbert operated a dairy cattle with “a few pigs” and cropped hay, alfalfa, and peas and sugar beets. Harold didn’t crop, but instead raised steer and hogs for 29 years.  

The farmer friends have much in common and have seen a lot of changes over the decades. Norbert quipped, “I’m an old hayseed. I farmed for 62 years and am glad I did it when I did.   We had a small farm and a big family. It sure is different today!” The average WI farm comprises about 221 acres.   Harold added, “I’m glad that I worked at the WI Aluminum Foundry too – it was a good job with good benefits.”

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