Catholic Sisters Week

Written by Barb Spies, OFS, Director of Mission Services and Pastoral Care

Catholic Sisters Week is celebrated from March 8 to 14. Felician Village is a ministry sponsored by the Felician Sisters of North America. These women started this particular ministry about 137 years ago. During Catholic Sisters Week, we have the honor of celebrating the Sisters for all that they do!

We are so blessed to have four of the Felician Sisters at Felician Village. These women have done wonderful things throughout their lives. Three of them have been in education and one was in nursing. Now they serve here at this ministry, caring for residents and staff. Their primary work is pastoral care. They visit people, listen to their stories, their hopes, and their fears. They pray for all the residents and staff. They participate in activities across the whole facility and help to transport residents to the chapel and to activities. They keep track of the sacraments and the visits, making sure that each resident gets the spiritual care that they need. They visit with family members when they come on site. They coordinate necessities related to Catholic Mass, Anointing, and praying the Rosary. Their pastoral care really is for all people connected to the ministry here.  

The Sisters are pretty humble women! It’s not their style to seek accolades or notice for what they do. And maybe that’s what makes it especially nice to offer recognition for all their work. I think what they will enjoy the most about this week is the opportunity to visit with people across Felician Village who stop in to say hello and to give them a warm smile. They will also appreciate that the community is praying for them. Come to our prayer service at 1:00 on Monday, March 11 in the Blessed Angela Chapel. Drop in on our lunch time visit on Wednesday, March 13 in the Village Hall. We will have some snacks!

I am really blessed to be working with these women each day. I am forever amazed at how they are so focused on serving others. They remember people’s stories and ask them about their lives. They look at each person with rapt attention and demonstrate loving care. They have great senses of humor – much of my days are spent in laughter with them! The Sisters are joyful. These are women who stand with the poor and immigrants, teach children, fight injustice, heal the sick, share spirituality, empower women, defend the planet, promote peace, create community, and offer hope. It’s good to celebrate them!

Blessed Angela: “In all your endeavors have a good intention; do everything for God without being influenced by human respect.”

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