Matching Gifts Double Impact for our Staff and Residents

Joan Smaglik, FV Nurse Educator and Darcy Wech, DON, recognized the need to provide an IV arm to give our nurses hands on training. Three donors came together to provide a vital gift for our campus.

When Renee learned of the need, she immediately talked with two health career professionals and residents, Jerry and Jim Lax after HEALTHCARE SERVICES, INC. provided the first donation. She then offered this special gift opportunity to the Lax Brothers. The residents immediately responded favorably, agreeing to fund the remaining cost of the IV arm. Jerry said, “Both Jim and I have years of nursing experience and we know the value of being trained properly.”

The arm will be a very useful tool for the nurses who are being trained. Joan is demonstrating to Jeanna Trestik how to insert a peripheral IV on the arm. Jim added, “It’s important that nurses are sensitive to geriatric residents.” Jerry and Jim added an extra gift to their original contribution — they provided additional funding for Joan’s educational course materials.

A final lasting gift to the story is that that Jeanna began her career as a CNA and advanced her education to become an LPN. Darcy and Joan echoed their gratitude that a student caregiver wanted to pursue a career in nursing. Thank you to everyone who participated in a fabulous team fund raising effort!

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