Mother's Day Quotes

Forty pieces of Mother’s Day advice, wisdom and thoughts from Felician Village residents, employees and family members; from ages nine to ninety-nine.

Quotes collected by Megan Bruckschen, Felician Village at Home Manager

1. When your child is a teenager, don’t forget that you love them. – Joan, 79

2. Everyday greet family and people with a smile, even on your bad days. Anger doesn’t pay. – Marilyn,

3. It sounds cliché but time really does go so quickly. Make, making memories a priority and don’t get
caught up in the details. Your kids won’t remember what the food was at their birthday party, or what
they received as a gift, they will remember the time they spent with you. Even as an adult, the best gift
my Mom can give me is her time. – Megan, 35

4. Just love your child. – Alice, 93

5. My kids always tell me, we must have done something right. I always let them know I appreciate
everything they do for us. – Janice, 86

6. Don’t let taking care of yourself come last. It’s difficult to navigate through parenting, or just life in
general, when our emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual needs are running on low. – Lauren, 29

7. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. – Helen, 88

8. Mothers are powerful. They can win an argument with four words, “because I said so”. – Cameron, 12

9. Love them all the best you can. – Lorraine, 91

10. You will never be too big for me to spank you. – Marlene, 86

11. “Children Learn What They Live” is a poem that every mother needs to read. Document memories of all
your children not just the first one. Your shirt is not a napkin is a rule I never thought I would have to
establish. – Lindsey, 39

12. Count on God. – Donna, 87

13. I would want each child to be truthful, joyful and helpful. – Ruth, 97

14. Motherhood/Life is a journey made up of twists and turns, hills and valleys, just when you feel you have
it figured out there’s another curve in the road. Learn to love the journey, know you are not alone and
that every stage is temporary. – Roselle, 59 

15. Love all your children equally and try to show that love to them equally. – Jeanne, 96

16. Be kind to everyone and say THANK YOU! – Carol, 87

17. Moms are kind and beautiful. – Aubrey, 9

18. You better come home on time. – Mary Jane, 90

19. A mom loves you no matter what. She is someone who tucks me in every night, listens to me, (tries) to
help me with homework, makes me laugh and I know I can always depend on her to cheer me on at
sports or anything I am involved in. Moms are busy, but somehow, it’s magical, they always find the
time to get everything done and take care of everyone. – Kambrya, 11

20. Be grateful! Hope the world gets better for the newer generations. – Mae, 93

21. Never give up. Just roll with it. – Julie, 59

22. My kids all turned out good – all I can ask for. – Margaret, 93

23. You better treat each other well. – Kathyrn, 84

24. You only get so many summer breaks, lazy Sundays and school days before they grow up. Treasure
them. Someone told me once, “one day you’ll set your child down and never pick them up again.” This
really resonates with me…enjoy the snuggles, hugs and random “mommy, I love you!” – Kim, 37

25. Show them your love every day! – Delories, 92

26. Because I said so. Yabuts… doesn’t count. Your face will freeze that way… and the best of all “I told
you so”. – Jo, 68

27. When you stand by the door ask each child, “Do you have your cap? Do you have your boots? Do you
have your mittens?” – Jean, 85

28. Treat your children with love and keep your eyes open at all times. Keep ahead of them. – Shirley, 85

29. Encourage your kids to follow their dreams. – Kim, 45

30. EVERY child is different. Even though they are ‘from you’ does not make them your ‘twin’. Every day
will be a different day - physically and emotionally. Introduce your child to a variety of positive
experiences from Day one: a walk in the park, watching nature, viewing the clouds, listening to calming
music and fun children’s songs. The list is endless for memory making times for you and your child.
And try to always be your child’s mom, not their friend. Love them to the moon and back with lots of
hugs and kisses. They will model you so be careful what you expose them to!! In my life, all I wanted 
was to be a mom - I was a Momma Bear but through then, I also learned my life lessons. I must add this
as we thought we never would have children due to infertility: all women are mothers. We are born with
this caring, fixing, helping ability that men do not instinctively possess. We, as females, mother
biological children and our pets, others’ pets and children, the Earth, those in need physically and
emotionally. I say this to all those of female gender: Love yourself first and all the rest of your care
abilities will fall into place. – Barb, 67

31. Always make sure that the first thing you do after school is check in and see how their day was. It’s so
important! – Dani, 37

32. We can’t hate or dislike people but we can say that we don’t agree with them or don’t approve of what
they are doing.- Lisa, 61

33. Love and respect your Mom, she is the only one you have! Words from my ”Mom”: The Family that
“Prays together Stay Together! – Dianne, 83

34. Spend as much time as you possibly can with your children and grandchildren. Every day is special;
you just need to recognize those special moments in everyday activities. – Barb, 63

35. Tell your kids: be clean, do your homework and be kind to others. – Carol, 92

36. A mom loves you and takes care of you. She helps you with homework, sports and A LOT MORE! A
mom is amazing and never gets enough credit for all she does. Moms are very special. – Kenley, 9

37. Never lose your sense of humor… and drink wine. – Denise, 66

38. Spend time with your children reading books, playing games, and counting. Positively discipline them,
don’t threaten them. – Ione, 99

39. The most important thing is to listen; listen to what your children are telling you. – Fran, 92

40. Treat your children good while they are young because you will then know how they will treat you.
Also, enjoy each day while your children are young, they become a memory in years to come. –
Dorothy, 78

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