Music Therapy Heals

Felician Village leads the way in programs and services designed to benefit our residents. In 2019, we added music therapy as an intervention for residents who live with dementia and Alzheimer’s. .   

Marcia who is a liaison to Tracy, our music therapist, remarked that the sessions are extremely moving and tender.  While Tracy was singing with “Dorothy,” Marcia gently stroked her hands and face, singing with her too.   With surprise, “Dorothy” opened her eyes and whispered some of the words they had been singing.  Marcia reminded her that she taught them this song.   “God’s grace is ever present when we are with our residents most in need,” Marcia said.  They both echoed the importance of being with a resident when families are unable to be with their loved one.   This experience exemplifies any of our core values, respect for human dignity, compassion, transformation, solidarity with those in need, and justice and peace.  Make a difference in our residents’ lives and please donate to our music therapy program. 

Perhaps you and your family have been touched by hospice. If you have, please consider a gift to support our new Music Therapy and Hospice program.

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