Spring 2024 Volunteer Spotlight

Interview with Spring 2024 Volunteer Spotlight, Cheryl Dempsky.

How did you become a volunteer at FV and how long ago?
After retiring I gave myself time to figure out what I wanted to do in the next chapter of my life. My husband and I definitely wanted to travel and do more camping, but something kept telling me to also volunteer. In February of 2022 I joined the volunteer team at Felician Village.

What surprised you most about volunteering at FV?
What surprised me the most is the “warm fuzzy” feeling I get when I do volunteer.

What do you wish other people knew about FV?
Felician Village truly does follow what has been written in their mission, vision, and values.

What’s it like to volunteer at FV? Or, what keeps you coming back to FV?
Knowing that I’m making a difference each week when volunteering keeps bringing me back.

If someone was hesitant to volunteer at FV, what would you tell them?
If a person is hesitant to volunteer at Felician Village I would say “don’t be.” Felician has a great staff who greets you with a smile and a hello.
The smiles on the resident’s face when you greet them, the small talk and thank you is so rewarding knowing that you have made their day a little
brighter and special.

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