Written by Barb Spies, OFS, FV Mission Director

Transformation: The process that encourages an open mind and heart, leading to continuous improvement of the person and ministry.

What does it mean to value transformation? I think of continual conversion, a need to make ourselves aware of what we can do to serve God and God’s world better. When we imagine the lives of saints, sometimes we imagine that they were always perfect and holy. But, the stories of transformation give us hope! St. Felix of Cantalice, who Blessed Angela Truszkowska had a special affinity for, was one who prayed daily to become a true and authentic religious brother and to be serious about it. He looked for help daily to transform into the kind of compassionate person he became.

Here is how I have seen and experienced that value of transformation since my arrival at Felician Village: training, asking questions, seeking guidance, sharing and learning best practices, and a willingness to take on new roles. I had the opportunity to attend a week long Felician Leadership Institute to gain an understanding of the Felician mission and ministries. It was an immersion in all that the Sisters represent for God’s people and the amazing work that they have done and continue to do. Each ministry demonstrates the practice of, as St. Francis noted, doing what is ours to do. Seeing a need in the community and meeting that need requires transformation. 

In my first weeks here, I attended a new employee orientation and will be participating in training on Dementia and on Resident Rights. Speaking with Joan, who is offering these training sessions, it is such a joy to see how excited she is to be able to offer this education for transformation face-to-face again. May God give us the wisdom to see our need for transformation and to seek out continual conversion to do what is ours to do.

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