Volunteer Spotlight Summer 2022

We are excited to recognize Suellen Reif as the Summer Spotlight Volunteer at Felician Village. Please enjoy the interview below.

How did you become a volunteer at FV?
I started to volunteer about four years ago. I was visiting my mom who is a resident in the Gardens and she suggested that I be a volunteer to pilot the Trishaw bike. I was intrigued with the idea so after attending a meeting I became a volunteer.

What surprised you most about volunteering at Felician Village?
Since then so many different volunteer opportunities have been offered to me. Events like the farmers market, galas, assisting the residents to Mass, happy hour with music and by far, my favorite is instructing an exercise class!

What do you wish other people knew about Felician Village?
FV offers a nice variety of outings and opportunities for their residents to participate in. They get to know each other and become friends. As I walk through the facility I see groups of people visiting and laughing, it’s nice to see.

What is it like to volunteer at FV?
Volunteering at the FV is very rewarding. I feel appreciated by both the residents and staff. Everyone is very grateful and kind.

If someone was hesitant to volunteer at FV, what would you tell them?
I try to be available for most events but what’s nice about volunteering is, if it doesn’t fit my schedule I can decline knowing that I will always be asked back.

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